run [run]
ran or Dial. run, run, running [altered (with vowel prob. infl. by pp.) < ME rinnen, rennen < ON & OE: ON rinna, to flow, run, renna, to cause to run (< Gmc * rannjan); OE rinnan, iornan: both < Gmc * renwo < IE base * er-, to set in motion, excite > RAISE, L origo,ORIGIN]
1. to go by moving the legs rapidly, faster than in walking, and (in a two-legged animal) in such a way that for an instant both feet are off the ground
a) to go rapidly; move swiftly
b) to resort (to) for aid [always running to the police]
3. to associate or consort (with)
4. to go, move, grow, etc. easily and freely, without hindrance or restraint
5. to go away rapidly; flee
6. to make a quick trip (up to, down to, over to, etc. a specified place) for a brief stay
a) to take part in a contest or race
b) to be a candidate in an election
8. to finish a contest or race in the specified position [to run last]
9. to swim in migration, as upstream or inshore for spawning, etc.: said of fish
10. to go, as on a schedule; ply between two points [a bus that runs between Chicago and Detroit]
11. to go or pass lightly and rapidly [his eyes ran over the page]
12. to be current; circulate [a rumor running through the town]
13. to climb or creep: said of plants [a vine running over the wall]
14. to move continuously or incessantly: often used figuratively [his tongue ran on and on]
15. to ravel lengthwise in a knitted fabric
16. to function or operate with or as with parts that revolve, slide, etc. [a machine that is running]
17. to recur or return to the mind
18. to flow [a running stream]
19. to melt and flow [the wax ran]
a) to spread when put on a surface, as a liquid
b) to spread over or be diffused through cloth, etc. when moistened, as colors
c) to be subject to such spreading of color, as fabric
21. to be wet or covered with a flow [eyes running with tears]
22. to give passage to a fluid; specif.,
a) to discharge pus, mucus, etc.
b) to leak, as a faucet
23. to elapse [the days ran into weeks]
a) to appear in print, as in a newspaper
b) to appear or be presented continuously or in a continuing series [a play that ran for a year]
a) to continue in effect or force [a law running for twenty years]
b) to continue to occur; recur [talent runs in the family]
26. to be characterized by having, producing, using, etc.: with to [their taste runs to exotic foods]
a) to extend in or as in a continuous line [a fence running through the woods]
b) to include so as to show variety: with from and to [a repertoire running from tragedy to comedy]
28. to pass into a specified condition, situation, etc. [to run into trouble]
29. to sail or float (aground, etc.): said of a ship
30. to be written, expressed, played, etc. in a specified way [the adage runs like this]
31. to be or continue at a specified size, price, amount, etc. [apples running four to the pound]
32. Naut. to sail with the wind coming from astern
1. to run along or follow (a specified course or route)
2. to travel over; cover by running, driving, etc. [horses ran the range]
3. to do or perform by or as by running [to run a race]
4. to subject oneself to (a risk); incur
a) to get past or escape by going through [to run a blockade]
b) to go past or through without making a required stop [to run a stop sign or a red light]
6. to pursue or hunt (game, etc.)
7. to compete with in or as in a race; vie with
a) to enter (a horse, etc.) in a race
b) to put up or support as a candidate for election
a) to make run, move, operate, etc.
b) to cause to go between points, as on a schedule
c) to cause (a motor or engine) to idle for a while
d) to make (a stocking) run
10. to bring, lead, or force into a specified condition, situation, etc. by or as by running [to run oneself into debt]
a) to carry or convey, as in a ship or vehicle; transport
b) to carry (taxable or outlawed goods) in or out illegally; smuggle
12. to drive, force, or thrust (an object) into, through, or against (something)
13. to make go, move, pass, flow, etc., esp. rapidly, in a specified way, direction, place, etc. [to run water into a glass ]
a) to be in charge of; manage [to run a household ]
b) to keep, feed, or graze (livestock)
c) to perform the steps of (an experiment, test, etc.)
d) to cause to undergo a test, procedure, process, etc.
15. to cost (an amount) [boots that run $20]
16. to mark, draw, or trace (lines, as on a map)
17. to extend, pass, or trace in a specified way or direction [to run a story back to its source]
18. to undergo or be affected by (a fever, etc.)
19. to flow with, discharge, or pour forth [gutters running blood]
20. to melt, fuse, or smelt (ore)
21. to cast or mold, as from molten metal; found
22. to print; esp., to publish (an advertisement, story, etc.) in a newspaper or magazine
23. Billiards to complete successfully (a specified number of strokes, shots, etc.) in uninterrupted sequence
24. Bridge to lead consecutively the remaining cards of (an established suit)
25. Comput. to cause (a program, software, etc.) to operate or start operating
26. Golf to cause (a ball) to roll, esp. on a green
1. an act or period of running or moving rapidly
a) a race for runners
b) a running pace; rapid gait
c) capacity for running
3. the distance covered or time spent in running
4. a trip; journey; esp.,
a) a single, customary, or regular trip, as of a train, ship, or plane
b) a quick trip, esp. for a brief stay
c) ROUTE (sense 2)
a) movement onward, progression, or trend [the run of events]
b) a continuous course or period of a specified condition, action, etc. [a run of good luck]
6. direction or course, as of the grain of wood, a vein of ore, etc.
7. a continuous course of performances, showings, etc. [a play that had a run of a year]
8. a series of continued, sudden, or urgent requests or demands, as by customers for certain goods, or by bank depositors for their funds
9. a period of being in public demand or favor
10. a continuous series or sequence, as three or more cards in unbroken order in one suit
11. a continuous extent of something
12. a flow or rush of water, etc., as of the tide
13. a small, swift stream, as a brook or rivulet
a) a period during which some fluid flows readily
b) the amount of flow
c) [pl.] Slang diarrhea: with the
a) a period of operation of a machine
b) the output during this period
a) a kind, sort, or class, as of goods
b) the ordinary, usual, or average kind or type
17. something in, on, or along which something else runs; specif.,
a) an inclined pathway or course [a ski run]
b) a track, channel, trough, pipe, etc.
c) an enclosed area in which domestic animals or fowl can move about freely or feed [a chicken run]
d) in Australia, a large grazing area or ranch
e) a well-defined trail or path made and used by animals [a buffalo run]
18. freedom to use all the facilities or move freely in any part (of a place) [to have the run of an estate]
a) a number of animals in motion together
b) a large number of fish migrating together, as upstream or inshore for spawning
c) such migration of fish
20. a ravel lengthwise in something knitted, as in hosiery
21. Baseball a point scored whenever a base runner successfully touches all four bases in the proper order without being out
22. Billiards an uninterrupted sequence of successful strokes, shots, etc.
23. Cricket a scoring point, made by a successful running of both batsmen from one wicket to the other
24. Mil. the approach to the target made by an airplane in bombing, strafing, etc.
25. Comput. one execution of a program
26. Music a rapid succession of tones, as a roulade
27. Naut. the after part of a ship's bottom, from where it starts to curve up and in toward the stern
1. melted; made liquid
2. poured or molded while in a melted state [run metal]
3. drained or extracted, as honey
4. having migrated and spawned: said of fish
a run for one's money
1. powerful competition
2. some satisfaction for what one has expended, as in betting on a near winner in a race
in the long run
in the final outcome; ultimately in the short run
in the short run
in the beginning; at first; initially
on the run
1. running
2. hurrying from place to place or task to task
3. running away; in retreat
☆ run across
to encounter by chance
run after
1. to pursue or follow
2. Informal to seek the company or companionship of
run along
to leave or depart
run around
Informal to be sexually unfaithful; cheat
run away
1. to flee
2. to desert one's home or family
3. to escape and run loose, as a horse
run away with
1. to depart and take with one; esp., to steal
2. to carry out of control [his enthusiasm ran away with him]
a) to outdo greatly all other contestants or performers in
b) to get (a prize, honors, etc.) in this way
run back
to carry (a football) toward the opponent's goal, as after receiving a kickoff
run down
1. to cease to run, or stop operating, as a mechanical device, through lack of power
2. to run, ride, or drive against so as to knock down
3. to pursue and capture or kill
4. to search out the source of
5. to speak of slightingly or injuriously; disparage
6. to lessen or lower in worth, quality, etc.; make or become run-down
7. to read through rapidly
8. Baseball to catch and tag (a base runner trapped between two bases)
run for it
to run in order to escape or avoid something
run in
1. to include or insert, as something additional
2. Informal to make a brief stop or visit at a place
3. Slang to take into legal custody; arrest
4. Printing to make continuous without a break or paragraph
run into
1. to encounter by chance
2. to run, ride, or drive against so as to hit; collide with
3. to add up to (a large sum of money): also run to
run off
1. to print, typewrite, make copies of, etc.
2. to cause to be run, performed, played, etc.
3. to decide the winner of (a race, etc.) by a runoff
4. to drive (animals, trespassers, etc.) off or away
5. to flow off; drain
run on
a) to continue or be continued
b) Printing to continue without a break or new paragraph
2. to add (something) at the end
3. to talk continuously
run out
1. to come to an end; expire or become used up, exhausted, etc.
2. to force to leave; drive out
run out of
to use up a supply of (something)
run out on
Informal to abandon or desert
☆ run out the clock
Basketball Football to maintain control of the ball in the closing minutes of a game
run over
1. to ride or drive over as with an automobile
2. to overflow
3. to go beyond a limit
4. to examine, rehearse, etc. rapidly or casually
run scared
Slang to base one's actions upon the possibility or likelihood of failure
run through
1. to use up, spend, etc. quickly or recklessly
2. to pierce
3. RUN OVER (sense 4)
run up
1. to raise, rise, make, or build rapidly
2. to let (bills, debts, etc.) accumulate
3. to sew with a rapid succession of stitches

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